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sobota, 3 listopada 2007

Conan and stuff

Welcome on weblog dedicated to Age of Conan, fresh game from genre of MMORPG. Funcom is still working to create one of the meanest and toughest MMORPG in history (you need to be 18 years old to play in AoC) is coming very fast on the screens of our PC. Game is going to be filled with savagery, brutality, barbarism and sexiness. I haven't seen any game, especially a MMORPG game, which could be 18+ and offer that kind of content. It's very original idea and It gives me an opportunity, to try at last something new.

This brutal and suggestive game is creation of Funcom company. Conan is a character created by Robert E. Howard, he created great world of adventure and fantasy - mythic, Hyborian land, where rule Conan - King Conan. You should know Conan from the movies like Conan the Barbarian or Conan the Destroyer, and if you are fantasy book reader from books written by Robert E. Howard. My only hope is, that Hyboria will be really filled with savagery land, where every wrong step into the unknown lands, can end up with brutal death. Yeah, I really do hope – everything for a good climax.

Anyway check out from time to time my weblog dedicated to Age of Conan!

See you again!