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czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

Mobile gaming at your hands

Welcome everyone once again on my blog! I would like switch the topic for a while and tell you about games which you may download on your mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The point is that this kind of hardware became lately quite popular and I became even owner of these. After purchase I started to think about various games which I could purchase on my beloved smartphone. I decided to share with you with my findings and what I already bought.

Hot Springs Story – in 2010 Japanese developer studio Kairosoft published a marvelous, very addictive economic game name Game Dev Studio. In that specific title our main mission was gathering a team gathered from different artists and coders, and making different strange and high quality games. This time people from Kairosoft decided to make something similar, where we have to keep our guests in best possible mood by good setting up the rooms, comfy rooms, relaxing baths and different exotic offers.
StarFront: Collision – game developed by Gameloft which you can purchase just for 3 to 5 dollars on two most fashionable mobile OS. This one is a miniature version of StarCraft 2 – of course it doesn’t feature Terrans, Protoss and Zergs, but we can without problem call StarFront as StarCraft mobile clone. It’s true, that developer from Gameloft when it comes to “mobilizing” bigger gaming productions from PC and consoles uses his fantastic experience and as usual makes it without any issue. StarFront is just superb RTS and in it we can choose one of three existing races combating against each other. Every of them make proper use of existing land and air units in order to create mass annihilation. Visual side of the game looks jut superb on iPhones or even iPad and I can’t complain, really.

Boss – gaming production which you may purchase for single dollar – its main idea is being a huge, almost impossible to beat monster. And as this monster, which we may without any problem customize, we are walking and crushing various medieval kingdoms, which belong to fantastic, shiny knights. Game difficulty is just right, because our main task is rather easy, because we are much larger than our enemies and number and various anti-boss tactics are making the game more difficult. From my point of view it’s fun, original and giving a plenty of enjoyment game.

Doodle Jump

One of the simplest gaming applications ever made, where you don’t have to make a good of use any buttons in order to play it (almost). Generally speaking, you need with your Doodler back and forth by simply moving the device, in the same time evading different traps and climbing higher and higher. But only Doodle Jump you are able to get on your memory card for few bucks and be able to enjoy it in every existing on Earth place available.

ilomilo – I’ve found this game by accident and didn’t played in it, because it’s for Windows 7 for smartphones. Although it looks really fun and amazingly looking puzzle type gaming production and if you have this OS and didn’t played in ilomilo yet, I think you should get it and start playing instantly. When thinking about ilomilo, try to think about specific mix of LittleBigPlanet with Pengo and Head Over Heels. Even when you own this type of image in your head, you are miles from that what ilomilo shows for real. But rest on YT, It’s all what I know about this one.

Karoshi – extremely cheap, for just one dollar title which you can get on Android and iOS, has been made originally by one man called Jess Venbrux as flash puzzle series. Because Karoshi means “death from overwork”, we need just to do specific sequence of moves and end our (or additionally others) life. Well, now that’s interesting. Game is rather in the same time scary and funny, but what makes it also special is overall length for small price – you can play in more than 50 stages and passing one takes about few minutes.

czwartek, 2 grudnia 2010

Strategy game Navyfield

Welcome, Today I would like to present great online strategy games like Navyfield. Navyfield is a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game. It is based off of World War II naval combat. It is totally without fee and a super fun game to play online strategy games. Beware. It is extremely addicting. You can download it for free from through the download section.

Navy Field is one of free online strategy games, but you can pay for specific advantages over non-paying players such as Premium ships, elite crew, boosted experience gain, and a numerous of other things. These advantages are nicely balanced though, so a non-paying player can without problem defeat a paying player if they are more skilled, this is a large bonus for a game of this genre, which are generally skewed so the paying players annihilate the non-payers with ease as a way to “force you to pay”.

Navyfield is an online game you play with real people from all over the universe. From Australia to England. You can play in over one hundred various ships, outfitting them how you prefer. During the struggle, you gain experience points, credits, and points. Once you have a bigger ship, or if you just pick to, you can go to outstanding battle. This is where all of the battleships and aircraft carriers will fight it out which is unique in free online strategy games.

Battles in Navy Field consist of up to 64 players, max 7 Battleships on every side, and a number of smaller vessels and aircraft carriers

Upgrade your ship with better armor, better engines, better fire control systems, and better ships. Load various shells into your guns. Light, medium, or heavy shells. Light do smaller damage, but longer range – which is rare in free online strategy games. Battle Map and gets into one of the open battle rooms. These rooms are located and made in one of the 25 different areas on the Battle Map. Every room can hold up to 128 players divided into two teams.

The game uses the United States Navy’s hull classification system to classify ships in the gaming production. The following genres of ships are available: Battleship, Frigate, Destroyer, Submarine, Heavy Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Light Cruiser, Aircraft Carrier.

United States Navy - The all-around fleet. US ships have nice fighter pilots, aircraft carriers, and light cruisers. Their early game battleships are considered weak but by late game they make stronger.

Imperial Japanese Navy - The navy of the Japanese Empire. Japanese vessels are swift and rely on powerful, long ranged torpedoes and large explosive shells. Their guns have a high ‘hang time’ which means players must anticipate where their target will be by the time the shells hit. This changes some IJN ships difficult for starters to use like in free online strategy games.

Kriegsmarine - The navy of the German Third Reich. Their ships have the biggest range but deal low damage and have smaller number of guns than those of competing navies. The Kreigsmarine vessels are also known for their large speed.

Royal Navy - The fleet of the British Empire. Ships that belong to the RN have large armor, the most powerful supportive sailors, and the difficult hitting guns. Their reload time is poor and their torpedos have lower range than other navies.

RAM: 256 MB
Graphics Card: 16 mb video memory
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
HDD: 1.0 GB
CPU: Pentium III

Game was made by SD Enternet for Windows.

sobota, 25 września 2010

If you like board and card games...

Hey guys, today something not that often on my blog. I will share with you about high quality card-board game named Warhammer Invasion. Living Game Card Warhammer Invasion has been set in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and created by Eric M. Lang. It's the free online games strategy duel where two players are gaining their forces and money, going on often mortal but totally wealthy missions, build and evolve their kingdom and doing massive siege against hard fortifications of their enemy.

Every race is giving to the title different story and own tactics. Orc everywhere show their affection to fighting, able to do harmful damage and do outstanding devastating destruction. Well organized Empire is making very quickly good decisions and without any doubts and failures places their army. Dwarfs are masters of armory, thanks to it they are able to resist hits, which are extremely harmful for any other strategy games online creature. Chaos is striking without signal, hitting the most vulnerable point, demoralizing, corrupting and killing everything, what will take on it's aim. To win, every race has to battle with their enemies and in the same time manage and develop their kingdom.

Every war begins with creating own empire. Your Capital is ready, and units and building are starting to show up in your kingdom. Unit and Support cards are capable to reward you in one of your three zones. You will be able to use advantage of them, if you will exchange resources for them. Tactic cards are able to often change the way of the gameplay. If you will give chance to your Units, they will be able to get you fantastic rewards by doing different Quests. Every flash strategy games card which you are getting into your hand, may be used to make stronger one of your zones. Developments are often able to unlock some of the unique abilities of specific cards and give you more might or either defense skill.

Every of these areas is important, but you are forced to decide, which of them is most valuable and where you want to gather your army. Are you going to mainly gather resources so you will become more wealthy than your enemy? Or maybe send your units onto the epic quest? Maybe you will gather up your mightiest fighters and war machines, to get control over your enemy on the battlefield? These are extremely important decisions for the fate of your flash games strategy empire. Be patient while saying a word and you will be a true leader. Every race and their combination is a numerous of different strategies. Best leader will discover them all.

Well, game is as I see it just brilliant and totally worth of money. It's able to give you more fun than most of actual computer/consoles games. Is never get boring, unless you are enjoying it too much in.

It's a Living Card Game, so it's sum of cards and board mix. I bought this title approximately year ago and I have to tell you, that I enjoy it greatly. Games strategy rpg had been published with so far two full expansions and some battlepacks to it, although I didn't haven't them yet. Why? Because it's still awesome to play with my friends using the same cards. And we are playing a few times per week, so there is no large need. We will buy later these expansions so there is no problem.

poniedziałek, 10 maja 2010

Age of Conan Rise of Godslayer

If you check out few gaming websites, you can find out that we are very close to expansion for Age of Conan! I have found information that the upcoming Rise of the Godslayer expansion for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures will be released very soon. According to one guy from Funcom, “In addition to the expansion pack, the retail box also includes the award-winning full version of “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures”, complete with the numerous updates that have been added to the game since launch, such as changed gameplay features, entirely new zones to explore and more.” Good, but talking about award winning Age of Conan is kinda weird i think. Is this game so cool? Maybe this expansion will resurrect the AoC? Sorry but what Funcom done it’s sad and stupid, releasing game in alpha version.Anyway check out this video material related to Age of Conan Rise of Godslayer.

(One guy from Funcom is talking about Age of Conan: Rise of Godslayer)

Funcom is really in hard situation because this known company is near a bankruptcy – they need more money or whole company and Age of Conan will collapse soon. Anyway check out official trailer for Age of Conan Rise of the Godslayer! Age of Conan was full of bugs and they released this game because of money. “Thanks to these updates, online gaming website awarded “Age of Conan” with the “Most Improved MMO of 2009” award earlier this year. Retail customers will also get an exclusive starter package containing several in-game items that will help them on their adventures through Hyboria.” Rise of the Godslayer will be fully downloadable from official website. I do not know whether or not to buy this expansion pack – Age of Conan Rise of Godslayer.

Ok I'm off mates. I’m currently out of subscription in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. I think I come back soon to this game, not because it’s boring. . After playing in AoC I feel tired and I don’t want to to play to much in MMORPG. I play less these days and I’m mostly enjoying life without games and computer. This is way of life you know :) I played more then year ago in Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro) but now i think it was a huuuge waste of my time. If you are looking for more about that matter, you can check out other blogs about Lotro.

sobota, 2 maja 2009

Age of Conan's official developer blog resurrected

Welcome friends! I'm very pleased because I discovered that Age of Conan's official developer blog resurrected. It's been some time since Age of Conan had an active developer blog. Well was “out of order” since launch day back in May 2008 and I feel now happy. Really - It's nice to see that developers are alive and are making a progress while making a game – it gives my heart a light feeling, which I would to feel all the time.

For the first post of the newly resurrected dev blog, FunCom's Glen "Famine" Swan discuss the newest update and touches on the itemization overhaul coming up next. In the future they should talk about their mistakes and how they resolved them. As a player I would like to know better situation – It's simple. If I know, that game will be still in development and they are going to patch it up and make a lot good additions to game, then I know that is really worth to continue paying for subscription.

Herold of Xotli is awesome, I've got new character and it's totally perfect. He is transforming into real DAEMON! It's very fun and entertaining character, it has lot dps and light armor. Imagine that – light armor and dps class. Do you have idea, how tough he has to be at late levels? It just give me motivation to play more and level up myself a lot.

See you again on my web blog!

środa, 12 listopada 2008

Age of Conan premiere

Was great event in all mmo industry and is one of the most interesting MMORP game created. Game has really huge world to discover with powerful enemies and mobs. You can play as barbarian, conqeror, mage, necromancer and many more classes. Check out this video, is very cool intro for Age of Conan.

As you see now Conan is great and powerful king of Aquilonia one of 3 kingdoms. You can create your own character in game and discover Age of Conan world as a member of one from 3 kingdoms. Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia. AoC has been launched in May 2008 and its one the many very popular.

Want some overview about classes? There are four main archetypes which are – Rogue, Mage, Soldier and Priest. Mages are only for Stygians by the way. Rouge can be Barbarian, Assassin or Ranger, Solider a Dark Templar, Guardian or Conqueror and Mage Necromancer, Herald of Xotli or Demonologist.

sobota, 26 kwietnia 2008

Age of Conan - Hyborian Insider - PvP

Check out this cool presentation, its about PvP mode and getting PvP experience points and gaining PvP levels. I think really cool will be playing in PvP mini games like Team Anihilation mode or capture the flag ( its easy and funny ). I wonder how it is going to look like. You know, like team deathmatch – you have to kill as many enemy players as you can? It's going to be totally cool in my opinion. Much better than PvP modes in WoW. And Capture the Flag? While having these fighting possibilities, It's getting very interesting.

Personally, I hope that in Age of Conan PvP modes there are going be a lot of maps. It will be bad if I will see about four or five maps, in such great game like Age of Conan. This is what we want, huh? I hope Funcom will make more playing modes, so we will be able to feel the savagery of the Age of Conan.

Ultimate cool stuff is destroying whole town with your guild :-) crush your enemies and burn his town ( crispy ). You can also hire NPC for your private army! COOL! I just love Total War series and it will be cool to command, with various troops in order to capture enemy town or either destroy it, using these forces.

Premiere is 20th may! We must be prepared! Or we will be punished by Conan the Cymmerian if not!

czwartek, 24 stycznia 2008

Age of Conan NEWS

New information from producers - game will be released not in march 2008 but in may 20th 2008.
It's damn two months – why FC, why. I am asking you – why? I am waiting for Age of Conan since a lot of time, and they are giving us so painful news. We need to wait anyway, but it will be slow two months. I have already said, who I will play with – full Conan copy, which will show other posers, that Conan copy is only one. And it's me. Rogue, Barbarian, Two handed sword and long hair, sure. For the people of Cymmeria, I will crush everyone who will stand on my savage and, filled with blood, path.

One guy had said:

"Ok, enough with the emotions, though I simply needed to get this off my chest. Why do we delay again? It is simple and it is complex:
- The level of bugs."

So crew from Funcom company is working to fix bugs in Age of Conan...ohh man im starting to get angry. I think Funcom should put more effort into the game. Players want to see a game in 1.0 state, not the beta-test. It's very simple. If game will be filled with bugs, most of players will just run away. I hope though, that Age of Conan will be really ultimately innovating game and will give us a lot of entertainment.

wtorek, 25 grudnia 2007

Age of Conan - combat system

In Age of Conan, player will be able to - it's completely new system - control his character aim and make combos with any weapon. System is little similar to Elder Scroll - Oblivion, where you can also do powerful or weak blows, but as you know in Elder Scroll you can't attack your enemy with combos. This is very interesting – I have been playing in Morrowind and Oblivion and it was awesome, to have face-to-face combat with various tough monsters.

Everyone who want shoot to enemies or monsters, must got good aim ;-). Because now you must carefully aim and if you are lucky you can hit for critical - shot in eye, heart (?).
Interesting that anyone who want cast powerful spell must also do some very complicated combos.
I hope that Funcom will really make something totally awesome, and that what are announcing, will be for real. In my opinion it will be very fun to play using dual-wield or bows. I hope just, that I really have fun playing in this kind of game.

I was lately thinking, how game is going to look after a premiere. It is will be buggy? Or maybe it will be polished to the max? Three months to world premiere and I just can't wait. My hype is on maximized level and I don't know what I will be doing when game will be released. Play whole days and nights? Maybe! We will see ;)

czwartek, 6 grudnia 2007

Age of Conan - siege battles

In Age of Conan, game creators - Funcom - are preparing lots of innovation in MMORPG genre. One from this innovating idea is building keep by guilds. Someone from guilds leaders will be able to built, special building, walls and siege weapons. There will be also 4 special profession to 4 leaders or top members of guild. Another this is that, you can hire regiments of troops, this regiment will be full under control of computer. Cool huh? It reminds playing in Total War series, where we are commanding with troops just like real-life officers. I haven't seen anything like this in any MMORPG, so it's going to be very innovating stuff. Too bad though, that we are forced to wait for so long time, it makes me bored.

Battles will be awesome i think – I didn't saw anything like it before!Its not all because the also preparing special combat system called "real combat" - real revolution, where you will be forced to fight, using keyboard and force every, of your single attacks. I just can't wait until it will be ready and Age of Conan will be released. This game is be totally awesome in my opinion. It will be to get dual-wield with two blades or get two-handed sword and make some fatalities on some players. There is nothing more humiliating in PvP, than getting executed. It will be fun!