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wtorek, 27 listopada 2007


was born in ancient Hyborian era around 12,000 years ago. His mother give him birth on the battlefield when she stood in battle against evil tribe of Virim. Cool huh? Born during the battle – that's what they calling a destiny, not to mention that his mother has had to be a really tough woman. His father was a blacksmith, after his father Conan was strong built and very big ( he got almost 7 ft ). There was no man who could stand a one-to-one fight against our brave Cymmerian.

Life of Conan was hard and bloody ( of course for his enemies ) - he was an gladiator, pirate, soldier, mercenary, theft and in the end a king of most powerful kingdom in Hyborian world – Aquilonia. Maybe have you watched a movie – Conan the Barbarian. In this movie, we are witnesses of Conan's earl history, as his village was slain by Stygian soldiers and his family died during the raid. In my opinion, is one of the most climatic films ever made. It's just brilliant and has everything, what good fantasy movie should has.

Conan was the most popular man in history of Hyboria. And of course he will be a King in upcoming Age of Conan. Sweet ! A close meeting with King Conan, I just can't wait for it. I just hope, that he won't kill me at the first meeting, that would be bad.