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poniedziałek, 12 listopada 2007

Robert E. Howard and Conan

Welcome on my weblog! Today something about legendary fantasy character - Conan. Robert E. Howard created this character years ago in his book "Hour of Dragon" and after he wrote it, he die. But another writers after him, write about Conan and his adventures in fantasy world of Hyboria so now we've got around 90 books with his adventures. Of course, some books are better and other worse, but it is worth to read them. He is slashing, killing and reaping apart anyone who is close - this character is first character of the Heroic Fantasy genre. Funny? Well, for him It's indeed a real entertaining. Dunno about his enemies, but is hard to call someone happy after being slashed. But It's his choice, Berserkers are rather happy – they are just finding, what they are looking for.

This genre is like Diablo (you remember this game?) he is hacking and slashing, everyone in his path. He isn't a thinker or someone like that. He lives to seek death of course to bad guys! After years of adventures, he became powerful King of Aquilonia - biggest kingdom in Hyboria.
And we are now in Age of Conan MMORPG! Because in AoC, Conan IS mighty King of this kingdom. Try to not piss him off or he will chop off your head – it's simple philosophy, if we can call a philosophy killing somebody.

See you again