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wtorek, 25 grudnia 2007

Age of Conan - combat system

In Age of Conan, player will be able to - it's completely new system - control his character aim and make combos with any weapon. System is little similar to Elder Scroll - Oblivion, where you can also do powerful or weak blows, but as you know in Elder Scroll you can't attack your enemy with combos. This is very interesting – I have been playing in Morrowind and Oblivion and it was awesome, to have face-to-face combat with various tough monsters.

Everyone who want shoot to enemies or monsters, must got good aim ;-). Because now you must carefully aim and if you are lucky you can hit for critical - shot in eye, heart (?).
Interesting that anyone who want cast powerful spell must also do some very complicated combos.
I hope that Funcom will really make something totally awesome, and that what are announcing, will be for real. In my opinion it will be very fun to play using dual-wield or bows. I hope just, that I really have fun playing in this kind of game.

I was lately thinking, how game is going to look after a premiere. It is will be buggy? Or maybe it will be polished to the max? Three months to world premiere and I just can't wait. My hype is on maximized level and I don't know what I will be doing when game will be released. Play whole days and nights? Maybe! We will see ;)