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czwartek, 6 grudnia 2007

Age of Conan - siege battles

In Age of Conan, game creators - Funcom - are preparing lots of innovation in MMORPG genre. One from this innovating idea is building keep by guilds. Someone from guilds leaders will be able to built, special building, walls and siege weapons. There will be also 4 special profession to 4 leaders or top members of guild. Another this is that, you can hire regiments of troops, this regiment will be full under control of computer. Cool huh? It reminds playing in Total War series, where we are commanding with troops just like real-life officers. I haven't seen anything like this in any MMORPG, so it's going to be very innovating stuff. Too bad though, that we are forced to wait for so long time, it makes me bored.

Battles will be awesome i think – I didn't saw anything like it before!Its not all because the also preparing special combat system called "real combat" - real revolution, where you will be forced to fight, using keyboard and force every, of your single attacks. I just can't wait until it will be ready and Age of Conan will be released. This game is be totally awesome in my opinion. It will be to get dual-wield with two blades or get two-handed sword and make some fatalities on some players. There is nothing more humiliating in PvP, than getting executed. It will be fun!