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czwartek, 24 stycznia 2008

Age of Conan NEWS

New information from producers - game will be released not in march 2008 but in may 20th 2008.
It's damn two months – why FC, why. I am asking you – why? I am waiting for Age of Conan since a lot of time, and they are giving us so painful news. We need to wait anyway, but it will be slow two months. I have already said, who I will play with – full Conan copy, which will show other posers, that Conan copy is only one. And it's me. Rogue, Barbarian, Two handed sword and long hair, sure. For the people of Cymmeria, I will crush everyone who will stand on my savage and, filled with blood, path.

One guy had said:

"Ok, enough with the emotions, though I simply needed to get this off my chest. Why do we delay again? It is simple and it is complex:
- The level of bugs."

So crew from Funcom company is working to fix bugs in Age of Conan...ohh man im starting to get angry. I think Funcom should put more effort into the game. Players want to see a game in 1.0 state, not the beta-test. It's very simple. If game will be filled with bugs, most of players will just run away. I hope though, that Age of Conan will be really ultimately innovating game and will give us a lot of entertainment.