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sobota, 26 kwietnia 2008

Age of Conan - Hyborian Insider - PvP

Check out this cool presentation, its about PvP mode and getting PvP experience points and gaining PvP levels. I think really cool will be playing in PvP mini games like Team Anihilation mode or capture the flag ( its easy and funny ). I wonder how it is going to look like. You know, like team deathmatch – you have to kill as many enemy players as you can? It's going to be totally cool in my opinion. Much better than PvP modes in WoW. And Capture the Flag? While having these fighting possibilities, It's getting very interesting.

Personally, I hope that in Age of Conan PvP modes there are going be a lot of maps. It will be bad if I will see about four or five maps, in such great game like Age of Conan. This is what we want, huh? I hope Funcom will make more playing modes, so we will be able to feel the savagery of the Age of Conan.

Ultimate cool stuff is destroying whole town with your guild :-) crush your enemies and burn his town ( crispy ). You can also hire NPC for your private army! COOL! I just love Total War series and it will be cool to command, with various troops in order to capture enemy town or either destroy it, using these forces.

Premiere is 20th may! We must be prepared! Or we will be punished by Conan the Cymmerian if not!