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środa, 12 listopada 2008

Age of Conan premiere

Was great event in all mmo industry and is one of the most interesting MMORP game created. Game has really huge world to discover with powerful enemies and mobs. You can play as barbarian, conqeror, mage, necromancer and many more classes. Check out this video, is very cool intro for Age of Conan.

As you see now Conan is great and powerful king of Aquilonia one of 3 kingdoms. You can create your own character in game and discover Age of Conan world as a member of one from 3 kingdoms. Aquilonia, Cimmeria and Stygia. AoC has been launched in May 2008 and its one the many very popular.

Want some overview about classes? There are four main archetypes which are – Rogue, Mage, Soldier and Priest. Mages are only for Stygians by the way. Rouge can be Barbarian, Assassin or Ranger, Solider a Dark Templar, Guardian or Conqueror and Mage Necromancer, Herald of Xotli or Demonologist.