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sobota, 2 maja 2009

Age of Conan's official developer blog resurrected

Welcome friends! I'm very pleased because I discovered that Age of Conan's official developer blog resurrected. It's been some time since Age of Conan had an active developer blog. Well was “out of order” since launch day back in May 2008 and I feel now happy. Really - It's nice to see that developers are alive and are making a progress while making a game – it gives my heart a light feeling, which I would to feel all the time.

For the first post of the newly resurrected dev blog, FunCom's Glen "Famine" Swan discuss the newest update and touches on the itemization overhaul coming up next. In the future they should talk about their mistakes and how they resolved them. As a player I would like to know better situation – It's simple. If I know, that game will be still in development and they are going to patch it up and make a lot good additions to game, then I know that is really worth to continue paying for subscription.

Herold of Xotli is awesome, I've got new character and it's totally perfect. He is transforming into real DAEMON! It's very fun and entertaining character, it has lot dps and light armor. Imagine that – light armor and dps class. Do you have idea, how tough he has to be at late levels? It just give me motivation to play more and level up myself a lot.

See you again on my web blog!