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sobota, 25 września 2010

If you like board and card games...

Hey guys, today something not that often on my blog. I will share with you about high quality card-board game named Warhammer Invasion. Living Game Card Warhammer Invasion has been set in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and created by Eric M. Lang. It's the free online games strategy duel where two players are gaining their forces and money, going on often mortal but totally wealthy missions, build and evolve their kingdom and doing massive siege against hard fortifications of their enemy.

Every race is giving to the title different story and own tactics. Orc everywhere show their affection to fighting, able to do harmful damage and do outstanding devastating destruction. Well organized Empire is making very quickly good decisions and without any doubts and failures places their army. Dwarfs are masters of armory, thanks to it they are able to resist hits, which are extremely harmful for any other strategy games online creature. Chaos is striking without signal, hitting the most vulnerable point, demoralizing, corrupting and killing everything, what will take on it's aim. To win, every race has to battle with their enemies and in the same time manage and develop their kingdom.

Every war begins with creating own empire. Your Capital is ready, and units and building are starting to show up in your kingdom. Unit and Support cards are capable to reward you in one of your three zones. You will be able to use advantage of them, if you will exchange resources for them. Tactic cards are able to often change the way of the gameplay. If you will give chance to your Units, they will be able to get you fantastic rewards by doing different Quests. Every flash strategy games card which you are getting into your hand, may be used to make stronger one of your zones. Developments are often able to unlock some of the unique abilities of specific cards and give you more might or either defense skill.

Every of these areas is important, but you are forced to decide, which of them is most valuable and where you want to gather your army. Are you going to mainly gather resources so you will become more wealthy than your enemy? Or maybe send your units onto the epic quest? Maybe you will gather up your mightiest fighters and war machines, to get control over your enemy on the battlefield? These are extremely important decisions for the fate of your flash games strategy empire. Be patient while saying a word and you will be a true leader. Every race and their combination is a numerous of different strategies. Best leader will discover them all.

Well, game is as I see it just brilliant and totally worth of money. It's able to give you more fun than most of actual computer/consoles games. Is never get boring, unless you are enjoying it too much in.

It's a Living Card Game, so it's sum of cards and board mix. I bought this title approximately year ago and I have to tell you, that I enjoy it greatly. Games strategy rpg had been published with so far two full expansions and some battlepacks to it, although I didn't haven't them yet. Why? Because it's still awesome to play with my friends using the same cards. And we are playing a few times per week, so there is no large need. We will buy later these expansions so there is no problem.