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czwartek, 2 grudnia 2010

Strategy game Navyfield

Welcome, Today I would like to present great online strategy games like Navyfield. Navyfield is a massively multiplayer online tactics simulation game. It is based off of World War II naval combat. It is totally without fee and a super fun game to play online strategy games. Beware. It is extremely addicting. You can download it for free from through the download section.

Navy Field is one of free online strategy games, but you can pay for specific advantages over non-paying players such as Premium ships, elite crew, boosted experience gain, and a numerous of other things. These advantages are nicely balanced though, so a non-paying player can without problem defeat a paying player if they are more skilled, this is a large bonus for a game of this genre, which are generally skewed so the paying players annihilate the non-payers with ease as a way to “force you to pay”.

Navyfield is an online game you play with real people from all over the universe. From Australia to England. You can play in over one hundred various ships, outfitting them how you prefer. During the struggle, you gain experience points, credits, and points. Once you have a bigger ship, or if you just pick to, you can go to outstanding battle. This is where all of the battleships and aircraft carriers will fight it out which is unique in free online strategy games.

Battles in Navy Field consist of up to 64 players, max 7 Battleships on every side, and a number of smaller vessels and aircraft carriers

Upgrade your ship with better armor, better engines, better fire control systems, and better ships. Load various shells into your guns. Light, medium, or heavy shells. Light do smaller damage, but longer range – which is rare in free online strategy games. Battle Map and gets into one of the open battle rooms. These rooms are located and made in one of the 25 different areas on the Battle Map. Every room can hold up to 128 players divided into two teams.

The game uses the United States Navy’s hull classification system to classify ships in the gaming production. The following genres of ships are available: Battleship, Frigate, Destroyer, Submarine, Heavy Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Light Cruiser, Aircraft Carrier.

United States Navy - The all-around fleet. US ships have nice fighter pilots, aircraft carriers, and light cruisers. Their early game battleships are considered weak but by late game they make stronger.

Imperial Japanese Navy - The navy of the Japanese Empire. Japanese vessels are swift and rely on powerful, long ranged torpedoes and large explosive shells. Their guns have a high ‘hang time’ which means players must anticipate where their target will be by the time the shells hit. This changes some IJN ships difficult for starters to use like in free online strategy games.

Kriegsmarine - The navy of the German Third Reich. Their ships have the biggest range but deal low damage and have smaller number of guns than those of competing navies. The Kreigsmarine vessels are also known for their large speed.

Royal Navy - The fleet of the British Empire. Ships that belong to the RN have large armor, the most powerful supportive sailors, and the difficult hitting guns. Their reload time is poor and their torpedos have lower range than other navies.

RAM: 256 MB
Graphics Card: 16 mb video memory
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
HDD: 1.0 GB
CPU: Pentium III

Game was made by SD Enternet for Windows.