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czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

Mobile gaming at your hands

Welcome everyone once again on my blog! I would like switch the topic for a while and tell you about games which you may download on your mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The point is that this kind of hardware became lately quite popular and I became even owner of these. After purchase I started to think about various games which I could purchase on my beloved smartphone. I decided to share with you with my findings and what I already bought.

Hot Springs Story – in 2010 Japanese developer studio Kairosoft published a marvelous, very addictive economic game name Game Dev Studio. In that specific title our main mission was gathering a team gathered from different artists and coders, and making different strange and high quality games. This time people from Kairosoft decided to make something similar, where we have to keep our guests in best possible mood by good setting up the rooms, comfy rooms, relaxing baths and different exotic offers.
StarFront: Collision – game developed by Gameloft which you can purchase just for 3 to 5 dollars on two most fashionable mobile OS. This one is a miniature version of StarCraft 2 – of course it doesn’t feature Terrans, Protoss and Zergs, but we can without problem call StarFront as StarCraft mobile clone. It’s true, that developer from Gameloft when it comes to “mobilizing” bigger gaming productions from PC and consoles uses his fantastic experience and as usual makes it without any issue. StarFront is just superb RTS and in it we can choose one of three existing races combating against each other. Every of them make proper use of existing land and air units in order to create mass annihilation. Visual side of the game looks jut superb on iPhones or even iPad and I can’t complain, really.

Boss – gaming production which you may purchase for single dollar – its main idea is being a huge, almost impossible to beat monster. And as this monster, which we may without any problem customize, we are walking and crushing various medieval kingdoms, which belong to fantastic, shiny knights. Game difficulty is just right, because our main task is rather easy, because we are much larger than our enemies and number and various anti-boss tactics are making the game more difficult. From my point of view it’s fun, original and giving a plenty of enjoyment game.

Doodle Jump

One of the simplest gaming applications ever made, where you don’t have to make a good of use any buttons in order to play it (almost). Generally speaking, you need with your Doodler back and forth by simply moving the device, in the same time evading different traps and climbing higher and higher. But only Doodle Jump you are able to get on your memory card for few bucks and be able to enjoy it in every existing on Earth place available.

ilomilo – I’ve found this game by accident and didn’t played in it, because it’s for Windows 7 for smartphones. Although it looks really fun and amazingly looking puzzle type gaming production and if you have this OS and didn’t played in ilomilo yet, I think you should get it and start playing instantly. When thinking about ilomilo, try to think about specific mix of LittleBigPlanet with Pengo and Head Over Heels. Even when you own this type of image in your head, you are miles from that what ilomilo shows for real. But rest on YT, It’s all what I know about this one.

Karoshi – extremely cheap, for just one dollar title which you can get on Android and iOS, has been made originally by one man called Jess Venbrux as flash puzzle series. Because Karoshi means “death from overwork”, we need just to do specific sequence of moves and end our (or additionally others) life. Well, now that’s interesting. Game is rather in the same time scary and funny, but what makes it also special is overall length for small price – you can play in more than 50 stages and passing one takes about few minutes.